The Knights of Fenris
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The Knights of Fenris

This is the forum page for the Knights of Fenris and their allies from the wonderful world of Reign RO :D Enjoy!
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 Yeah need some help.

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Yeah need some help. Empty
PostSubject: Yeah need some help.   Yeah need some help. I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 3:28 pm

So as some of you may have noticed I haven't been on recently. Although the days before my absence I had been on constantly.

Which means I have run into another sprite error. I first tried using the small installer in hopes to fix it, with no luck.

Second try I full uninstalled all of reign from my computer, restarted my computer, then reinstalled with the full installer and tried that. Which didn't work either.

Third try I uninstalled, restarted, full installed, restarted, small installed, restarted, and ended up with the same results as before.

Fourth uninstalled, restarted, full install, restart, small install, restart, delete system.dat (which contains all the updates.), started reign again to get all the updates, restarted, and still nothing.

In short I need someone to launch reign on their computer get whatever small update there was and send me their adata.grf, either on skype or through a download link. We used to use TeamSpeak and upload it there but we no longer seem to use TS.

My skype is hatsuharu31. Feel free to add me if you want just tell me who you in the about thing you have to send or I'll think your some pervert or spam thing.

Thank you in advance.


Problem resolved thanks to Edgar sending me it over skype.
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Yeah need some help.
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